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30 Sep

Twitter To Increase 140 Character Limit?

For those who use Twitter, you will have all experienced struggling to fit what you have to say into one concise tweet. Sometimes full stops or even spaces are abandoned in hopes of getting the message across, leading to squashed tweets with bad grammar. Sacrifices have to be made, after

22 Jul

Twitter Wallpapers Vanish From Sight

Twitter users have been experiencing an unusual occurrence this week, as Twitter wallpapers have been vanishing from users pages. Some considered it a glitch, but it turns out that isn’t the case at all.. Vanishing Act The Twitter wallpapers have been removed by Twitter themselves, and now users can no

20 Jul

Where Do You Get The News? 63% Use Social Media!

Everyone likes to look at the news, it’s a human desire to want to know just what’s happening in the world, be it celebrity gossip, politics, or unfortunate events. In recent times, the sources people get news from has changed. Once it was newspapers, then the television, then through websites,

29 Apr

Twitter Trending Bar Receives An Update

It seems that Twitter have started rolling out a new update for Twitter, with some users, including myself, seeing an update to the Twitter trending bar, which displays the key words on what’s currently trending in the world, be it a new movie or a celebrity death. There has been