23 Oct

YouTube Channels Removed Over Duplicate Content Issues

Has your YouTube channel recently disappeared? If it has, YouTube could have removed it due to duplicate content issues! Keep on reading to find out more… YouTube has lately announced that it has started to crack down on YouTube channels that are taking already-produced videos and re-uploading them to their

21 Sep

What An Online Marketing Company Can Do For You

There are a variety of ways to be noticed online, but there are only so many ways to be noticed that work effectively, and matter in the long run. If you know exactly what you need to do to gain recognition and bring in traffic online, you will be ten

04 Aug

PewDiePie Made $7 Million on YouTube in 2014!

YouTube is a video platform for anyone with a camera. Be it with your mobile phone, or with professional equipment, millions upload videos to the site everyday. But it isn’t just a fun platform to share moments, it is also a place with the potential to make a lot of

24 Apr

It’s YouTube’s 10th Birthday This Week!

Ten years is a milestone, and this week it’s YouTube’s 10th birthday, and the way its expanded over the last decade suggests many more decades are in the pipeline! Ten Years of Cats and Hats YouTube began with a simple video of the co-founder Jawed Karim, visiting a zoo. A

23 Mar

YouTube Stars Give Advice On How To Succeed

YouTube is a site which is creating stars, stars so bright that they are eclipsing those considered ‘real’ celebrities. As the views and content increases year on year, it pays to be part of YouTube, but finding success on the site is another thing entirely, and many companies fall into

08 Jan

Facebook Celebrate Video Growth

We discussed in November how Facebook Video was on the rise, but now Facebook are parading around the internet to tell everyone just how well they’re doing, with incredible video growth rates and their plans to expand even further in 2015. Facebook Video in 2014 The video growth for Facebook