Instagram Step On Twitter’s Toes With New Real Time Update

01 Jul

Social media is ever evolving, with each service aiming to one up the other. When most people who go online visit social media, it’s easy to see why, and photo sharing service Instagram have just put out an update which has some resemblance to Twitter…

Healthy Competition

Instagram have added an ability for users to easily check up on what’s currently hot, something Twitter has been well known for with its trending section. Currently available in America, anyone with Instagram can keep on top of the world through photos, and with the ability to add comments, it matches Twitter in functionality. Instagram is already a viable platform for businesses to share products and events, and the new feature will only make it more desirable, as there is a chance you can end up trending.

Social media is an essential component for finding success on the net, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all worth using to reach audiences who might exclusively use these services. To put it into perspective, 70 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram a day. To avoid social altogether would simply be madness for a business. And if you don’t have the time to run social along with your business, RS Digital can take care of all your online social management!

Social Media and RS Digital 

As social media platforms continue to improve, it can be harder to keep up to date, let alone manage them successfully, but with RS Digital you needn’t worry about anything social related. Our team in place can set up accounts and manage your profiles, providing engagement to a key audience. The number of users who visit the likes of Facebook and Twitter speaks for itself, and with a little help from us, you can reach out further than ever  before!

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Senior Researcher

Gareth Owen