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You probably don’t need an explanation of the “big 4” accounting firms’ market domination if you run a law business. However, if you are a growing legal firm, this is the moment to act given the market’s ongoing expansion.

We can assist in describing your services in-depth and precisely to a larger audience because the legal sector depends so much on a relationship of trust with the client. We may try to achieve a greater click through rate, conversion rate, or even just an increase in traffic to your site while concentrating on enhancing your company’s exposure.

Modern marketing strategies are ineffective. You must engage in a forward-thinking, aggressive SEO approach if you want your legal practise to expand.

That is as a result of SEO’s long-term compounding ROI. Although SEO may take longer to provide results than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it will continue to generate leads long after your paid advertisements have stopped running.

Pages in the top spots on Google receive more organic traffic, more clicks, and more inquiries for legal assistance. Although we could be little partial, we believe that is a very positive ROI.


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Why is digital marketing crucial for law firms and solicitors, and why should they start doing it now?

Given that there are countless daily queries on search engines for legal services, digital marketing is crucial for law firms to compete online for new business. For instance, “contentious wills lawyer,” and “employment lawyer” are general phrases for which you lose out if you don’t rank on Google’s first page organically. Simply put, you are not visible to potential customers who are unfamiliar with your brand, and as a result, your rival’s profit at your expense. We consistently bring in leads for our clients, and we can do the same for you including develop a mobile friendly law firm website design.

Your internet exposure may benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The idea is that if you invest in what we do best and in our services, more people will see what you do best and invest in your services.

Nearly every business, including yours, should invest in SEO, according to us at RS Digital. SEO should be the focal point of your marketing plan if you are in charge of or operate a legal firm that also has a website. In addition to assisting with ROI (return on investment), SEO will also be a crucial component of your company’s expansion. In recent years, it has gotten easier and more feasible to construct your own website, and SEO for the legal sector has grown more crucial to guarantee that firms can compete and outperform their rivals.

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Does your digital strategy help you stand out from other businesses in your industry?

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How we can help Solicitors & Lawyers

The legal sector is increasingly electronic. The days of calling a legal service provider via phone are long gone. Today, everyone just searches online. You must take a portion of the big 4’s market if you want to compete with them or even the businesses who are currently in direct competition with them. The better optimised your web pages are, the more likely that is.

Your legal service is no different than any other company in that it has certain objectives. We will work with you and your team to comprehend your objectives and determine the best way to tailor our campaigns to help you reach them. There are no predetermined deliverables for any campaign; instead, we’ll develop a custom plan to make sure you obtain the leads that increase your company’s return on investment.

In contrast to many SEO services, we offer complete transparency throughout the process while our team of SEO specialists implements and monitors the approach. This makes us more responsible, motivates us to produce outcomes, and enables you to calculate a higher return on investment for the campaign. To make their services more widely known, we have collaborated with legal businesses around the nation. We would advise a nationwide SEO approach because we are a national company that handles a wide range of legal issues. This would enable us to maximise your campaign’s outcomes.

There are several advantages to being established in your local online community. Search terms for lawyers that additionally mention a location are fairly prevalent, for example, “criminal attorneys in London” or “lawyer near me.” You may more easily target local traffic from relevant visitors in your location by using these keywords as your focus.

By improving your local SEO, you also raise brand recognition and exposure locally, which helps your business stand out to locals looking for legal counsel. You should develop your local SEO for other benefits, like the chance to immediately add your location and phone number to Google search results and Google maps, which will make it simpler for locals to reach you.

What Is Included in Our Legal SEO Service?

Every SEO effort aims to deliver a return on investment. This is why companies keep spending money on our services to help them expand.

Local Is Key For A law Firm

The first step in a national or Local SEO strategy for a law firm is keyword research, the skill of determining how frequently people are searching for your services. You must be aware of what prospective consumers are looking for. You may develop a plan for which services to promote more aggressively that you now offer or which services to invest in moving forward once you know the services they need. In contrast to a particular service like “conveyancing solicitors,” which produces 14,800 searches that you could be missing out on, “solicitor,” for instance, receives 60,500 searches every month. You can strategically plan your business and boost your ROI by using information like this.

We employ optimised landing pages based on the keyword data to develop the right approach for your website using this information.

We monitor and measure critical metrics, including keyword growth and organic traffic patterns, that are crucial to your campaign’s success.

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