Google and Twitter In Synch Means You Can See Tweets When Searching!

06 May

 The Google and Twitter deal was announced a while back, but it’s only now that we’re seeing just what it is they had in mind, and what they had in mind involves an easier transition between the two services. Whatever you Google, a Tweet is within reach.

Searching For Tweets

When you search for something on Google now, be it Yooka Laylee or Star Wars Episode VII, you will find tweets mentioning the keywords, which help you find some discussion on the subject. This helps bridge the social network and the search engine site, making for a more well rounded, better connected internet. It helps companies gain an extra presence online, as it allows for relevant tweets to be seen when users search, and it opens another door for companies to have their sites discovered. It’s a partnership with no downsides, the people who benefit the most on Google now are those who use search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management.

It’s only in the testing phases at the minute, but once it’s in place, everyone can enjoy the benefits of finding out what that guy thinks of that keyword, without having to even  venture onto Twitter! Though it may drive you to give the social network a go.

Social Media and SEO with RS Digital 

At RS Digital we have expert teams in place to help bring the best out of your company’s online presence, be it via rankings on Google or social media engagement on Twitter. Having both is a great idea if you want to have the maximum potential reach, and this new addition to Google means Twitter will be more essential than ever! If you want to rank up your site, visit our main page today, and contact a member of the team for a free SEO review!
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