Twitter Trending Bar Receives An Update

29 Apr

It seems that Twitter have started rolling out a new update for Twitter, with some users, including myself, seeing an update to the Twitter trending bar, which displays the key words on what’s currently trending in the world, be it a new movie or a celebrity death. There has been many times when certain stars such as Bill Murray have popped up in this trending bar, causing a mad click to see if its bad news or just something he’s been up to, which typically involves gate crashing parties and weddings. Thankfully the new update removes some of this fear, making the trending bar even more useful to see what’s going on in the world than before.

The new Trend

The new Twitter trending bar now showcases how many people are tweeting about an event, when the trending topic became a trend, and has a small selection of text to detail just what’s happening with the person, product or country which happens to be trending. This extra information makes the trending bar much more useful, as it removes any vague wonderment on just why certain words and places are trending, and it can help businesses engage better with the topics if they can tweet their own angle on the news. It’s more in line with how Facebook handle trending topics, and this is just one of the many updates Twitter has been receiving this year, along with the ability to put quotes in tweets and hold group direct messages, and it won’t be the last update this year. Each passing day Twitter becomes more beneficial for everyone, for both businesses and general users. Through trending topics, a wider connection can be made.

Social Media At RS Digital

The new update on Twitter further enhances the platform for users and businesses alike, and it’s incredibly important to have a social media presence. At RS Digital our ever talented social media team can set up your company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts, and provide engagement to the right audience. It’s just one of the services we offer along with search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and web design. Maybe one day, you too will find yourself on the trending bar, and users will know just what it is, which might push them to click…

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