Twitter Wallpapers Vanish From Sight

22 Jul

Twitter users have been experiencing an unusual occurrence this week, as Twitter wallpapers have been vanishing from users pages. Some considered it a glitch, but it turns out that isn’t the case at all..

Vanishing Act

The Twitter wallpapers have been removed by Twitter themselves, and now users can no longer see there favourite background on their main feed. But it isn’t the complete annihilation of the wallpapers as we know it, as Twitter will continue to display them when logged in users visit tweet pages, list pages, and collection pages. So your choice of background, be it pop art or colours, will still be there, just lurking more than usual.

It’s hard to determine just why this change has been made, but Twitter has been undergoing a variety of changes this year, to make things more user friendly, smoother and fresh. And it seems wallpapers everywhere is a sacrifice that had to be made some point down the line.

But there are still more ways than ever to express yourself on Twitter, with the ability to directly link tweets within your own tweets, display videos and groups of photos. Users and businesses have plenty of ways to get their message and identity across, you just need to get to grips with all the social features available.

Utilise Twitter with RS Digital

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