28 Apr

Our Time at Love Local Expo | Networking

Love Local Expo

Lovelocalexpo is an annual exposition of businesses from all sectors and corners of Lancashire that draws company owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all around the north-west. Attend professional lectures and meet new clients, suppliers, and colleagues. Discuss business support, scalability, funding, apprenticeships, upskilling, and growth with industry professionals. The location

28 Apr

Google Removes Fake Business Profiles

Google Business

Throughout 2021, Google says it will erase seven million false company profiles and prevent another 12 million from being established. Here are the important takeaways from Google’s research on how accurate Maps and Business Profile information is maintained. How Google Maintains the Reliability of Local Business InformationGoogle utilises a combination

22 Apr

5 Local SEO Tips for 2022

Local SEO RS Digital

Some advice on what to do when looking to push things on Google locally. First and first, write for your customers, then for Google.Include local identifiers that are relevant to what clients are looking for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a neighbourhood or a county. Create dedicated pages for the

21 Apr

Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter & What Marketers Think

Elon Musk and Twitter

Despite worries about “free” speech, 58 percent of marketers polled believe Musk’s ownership of Twitter is beneficial to businesses, marketers, andconsumers. Twitter as we know it has come to an end. And the vast majority of marketers are content. Elon Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter a week ago. And,

04 Apr

Some Barriers to SEO Success

Identify and avoid these typical traps that might prohibit or postpone your SEO success. SEO may be an expensive investment, so you obviously want to maximise your return. However, in order to accomplish so, you must be aware of the major hurdles that might slow SEO performance. Nine factors, that

14 Dec

We Have Moved Offices!

We’ve Moved We are excited to announce that RS Digital has moved to a new office. It all started with a simple need for improving everyday work and the ambition for growth – and we are so glad that we were easily able to find the perfect offices to fulfil

17 Feb

Google Search Console Adds New Tools and Snippets Reports

Let us take you on the path where you can understand the Google Search Console’s new snippet report and added support features intensively. Google has finally introduced the new report feature in the Search Console that can assist you with the review snippets. The latest enhancements include a new performance report and added support for the review snippets.

18 May

Blogging: Three Reasons Why You Need Onsite Blogs

As you probably already know, blogging is a huge part of marketing a business and everyone should be doing it in order to build their brand awareness and reach more people. However, many people simply don’t know what the actual benefits are. That is why we have decided to write