Where Do You Get The News? 63% Use Social Media!

20 Jul

Everyone likes to look at the news, it’s a human desire to want to know just what’s happening in the world, be it celebrity gossip, politics, or unfortunate events. In recent times, the sources people get news from has changed. Once it was newspapers, then the television, then through websites, and now social media is the king of news, with 63% of online users where can i buy venlafaxine choosing it as the source for their gossip, disasters and political debates!

Finding the News

The Pew Research Centre has unearthed this news, and it shows the amount of people checking the latest stories out via social media, has increased from 50% to 63% in the space of a year. As more users can get quick access to the current world stories on mobile devices, this figure will continue to rise. In fact, you may have stumbled across this story via social media too!

RS Digital and Social Media

This recent surge in users choosing news on social media over other sources shows just how prominent social media actually is on the net. It’s a place millions visit on a daily basis, and it can be beneficial for company’s to have a social presence, with the ability to engage with fans, and help improve customer relationships and sales! It can be hard to manage a successful social campaign however, as it takes up a lot of company time and resources if you choose to do it yourself. Thankfully you don’t have to, and at RS Digital, we have an expert social media team in place to create and manage all your social channels! You can connect to a huge audience without having to worry about it yourself! All it takes to begin the social crusade is to give our team a call, and find out just how we can help your online business.

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