Twitter To Increase 140 Character Limit?

30 Sep

For those who use Twitter, you will have all experienced struggling to fit what you have to say into one concise tweet. Sometimes full stops or even spaces are abandoned in hopes of getting the message across, leading to squashed tweets with bad grammar. Sacrifices have to be made, after all. But this may be about to change, as Twitter are considering doing away with the 140 character limit, allowing more room to breath. And type.

Tweeting Over 140

The change may be omitting links and user names from the character count, allowing users to share without that extra information eating into –

(140 characters used)

– the core content, though you still need to be careful, as the line above is still 140 characters, with this line being a continuation. Like a second tweet because we couldn’t fit it all in. It’s not easy being concise when you have a lot to say!

But the character limit could be increased too, it all depends on how the new chief executive, Jack Dorsey, plans to shake up Twitter. Maybe they’ll just add emotes, that worked for Facebook after all…

Tweet With RS Digital

At RS Digital we take social media very seriously, helping companies engage with their core audience, and bring in further fans of their services. It takes a lot to successfully manage a social media campaign, and while these rumoured features may make things smoother, it will still take a lot of social media skills to really get those followers engaged.

Social media is an excellent companion to search engine optimisation (SEO), allowing you to draw further links and customers outside of Google, and with the two forms of marketing together, your business will easily rise from the depths of the online sea of sites.

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