CEOs Take A Liking To Twitter and LinkedIn!

26 May

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) are the big shots of the business world, and if a CEO takes to something, most likely than not it’s worth paying heed to. And CEOs have taken to social media by storm, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want to make an impression for your business, maybe it’s time to sign up to these social sites?

CEO Power

PR agency Weber Shandwick put the results together after surveying 50 CEOs from the 2014 Fortune Global 500 rankings, asking which social media sites they use, to study the social media habits of the CEO. Not in the same way as Attenborough studies lions, but to gauge just which social media platforms matter for business. And the results revealed that the majority prefer Twitter and LinkedIn, and are using these platforms twice as much as they were in 2010. It isn’t a case of idle time in the office that has caused the increase, but the important information that a CEO can spread  via social media, and these two platforms allow for professional and instant communication. Every CEO has a story to share, and through social they can share it to a large audience, along with reaching stakeholders and engaging in company online communication.

Social Media at RS Digital

At RS Digital we take social media seriously as a key form of digital marketing. A business without social media can’t possibly hope to find the presence they want online, and our social media team can help do all the work so you don’t to! They’ll set up a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, and keep them topped up with relevant engagement to your key audience. All you have to do is carry on your regular business duties, and your online presence will be rising in the background. If you’re interested in having a professionally managed social media account for your business, give RS Digital a call today!


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