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Blogger Outreach Services Now Available at RS Digital

Our outreach blogging services are now here to assist your company/clients in obtaining the most relevant and beneficial links. Offering high quality outreach blogging services to both individual companies and SEO companies, there isn’t anyone we can’t help!  So whether you are a new start-up looking to climb the Google…
May 30, 2018

Attention UK Webmasters! Do You Own any .EU Domains?

If you are a UK webmaster currently owning a .EU domain you should start to consider migrating to a new domain now…   WHY? The European Commission has announced that companies that are based in the UK and UK residents owning .EU ccTLDs will have to surrender those domains following…
April 9, 2018

Core Search Ranking Algorithm Confirmed

Lost rankings due to the suspected Google update? You might not be wrong. Google has recently confirmed that they ran a “broad core algorithm update” earlier this month, impacting the appearance and rankings of some websites across search results. Acknowledging the update Google posted on Twitter stating that updates of…
March 20, 2018

Google Increases Snippet Length in Search Results

Google has recently confirmed that they have made changes to the way in which snippets show in their search results in order to provide search engine users with more descriptive information. Snippets is a term that refers to the description of a page/website shown underneath the URL’s in organic search…
December 19, 2017

Avoid the Festive Chaos… Choose Magic Instead

Due to incredibly high consumer expectations and the surge in shipments in which the holiday season sees each year, for companies and website owners the holidays can be complicated and exhausting. It does not have to be this way though; if you are a website/e-commerce owner looking to transform the…
RS Digital
October 29, 2017
Website Design

How Secure is Your Website?

In a world where web-development services are forever expanding, there is a range of user friendly content management systems available such as WordPress which can be used by those with little or no tech experience. Although this may sound like a dream come true to many and be excellent for…
RS Digital
September 12, 2017

Google Chrome’s Next Steps towards Better Connection Security

Back in January this year Google Chrome began their quest to improve how Chrome communicates the connection security of HHTP pages – beginning to mark HTTP pages with passwords or credit card fields as “Not Secure”. Since then Chrome have been testing ways to further improve their services, with it…
RS Digital
August 21, 2017