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06 Jul

New Google Now Features Asks The Questions For You!

It’s hard to make decisions, and it can be even harder to ask the questions. Google Now, an application for Android and Google Chrome, has helped users find the answers they’re looking for, and it’s about to receive an upgrade, determining what you want to ask before you even type

22 Jun

Google To Tailor Results By Accent?

Google tailor results for a whole manner of things, and accents could be added to truly tailor your search engine experience. A recent patent hints at this, but what does it means for those with a thick Burnley accent or a soft French accent? Searching for Accents The technology could

28 Apr

You Can Now Download Your Full Google Search History!

Google has been the first port of call for millions since its birth, and we’ve searched many things over the years. For tips, for products, for news, for things perhaps less than savoury… but we’ve searched, and we’ve searched long and hard. And now you can download your complete Google