Google To Tailor Results By Accent?

22 Jun

Google tailor results for a whole manner of things, and accents could be added to truly tailor your search engine experience. A recent patent hints at this, but what does it means for those with a thick Burnley accent or a soft French accent?

Searching for Accents

The technology could help decide what you want to watch, and where you want to eat, all because of your accent. Google would take into account reviews left by differently accented people, and this can pull up results specially for those who are from different parts of the world, though it is a little presumptuous to assume that those of the same accent would enjoy the same things. We aren’t stereotypes, but unique individuals! Though for now, this tech is just a patent, it may never see the light of day.

It isn’t the only thing Google have patented recently, they also have a patent for a robot army, so you can expect robots to be searching for battery charging spots to eat and A.I takeover films to watch. Possibly.

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SEO at RS Digital

We have a wide range of different accents in the office, and if this technology comes to pass we expect to see all manner of different results. While accent searching might be as far away as a robot army, search engine optimisation (SEO) will have to do for now, and at RS Digital we have an expert team in place to help your site be the option that comes up when users search the relevant keywords. We can ensure your site is in line with Google’s algorithms, provide high quality content, take control of your social media and even manage your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing account. If you’re interested in making a real splash online, visit our main site today to view our full range of services in depth!

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