Global Brands Prefer Facebook As Their Social Media Platform of Choice

29 May

While CEOs take a liking to Twitter and LinkedIn, global brands go the other way and make the most of their advertising with Facebook. Different aspects of business need different social sites to make the most out of their side of it all, and each year social media only becomes more prevalent for companies.

Global Facebook

This time the study was by Quintly, which studied more than 50,000 users on its analytic platform to determine just what global brands were using to market their products and services. Data was studied from country to country, and Facebook came up on to. This shows just how important Facebook is as a marketing platform, as millions use the service each day to check up on friends and the latest news. Global brands can use adverts and their own Facebook pages to spread themselves to a wide audience, and small businesses can do the same.

All it takes is the knowledge on how best to deliver their message via social media, and a combination of social media engagement and Facebook marketing can help provide the desired results. But doing it alone can lead to overspending and misguided Facebook posts. An expert online branding agency is needed, and RS Digital can provide a top Facebook marketing and social media team for your business!

Social Media at RS Digital

CEO or global brand, everyone needs social media in 2015, though it can be tough to use correctly if you’re unfamiliar with just how social media works for companies. At RS Digital we have an expert social media team in place to handle your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and we can set them up if you don’t already have them in place. It’s important to be social online, and through social you can gain even more traffic for your site! If you’re interested in improving your online presence for your business, give us a call today, and we can provide a free SEO review to determine just what it is you need to rise up the ranks and bring in new followers!


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