You Can Now Download Your Full Google Search History!

28 Apr

Google has been the first port of call for millions since its birth, and we’ve searched many things over the years. For tips, for products, for news, for things perhaps less than savoury… but we’ve searched, and we’ve searched long and hard. And now you can download your complete Google search history, allowing you to take a trip through memory lane and see just what has had you hitting the ‘Google Search’ button.

The History

Downloading your Google search history is easy, all you have to do is visit then download your history to Google Drive or to a Zip file. You can then search and wonder just what it was you were looking for at 4am last year on a cold winter’s eve. You can even delete all the history, as if it never happened. You never searched for that, and you certainly didn’t wonder about that!

The huge archives show just how important Google is, and users searching via Google is one of the key ways they access websites, so it’s vital for a business to rank high!

SEO with RS Digital

At RS Digital we realise how important Google is, and will continue to be, and we offer a range of search engine optimisation (SEO) services to help companies make a splash on the world wide web. With our SEO services we can get a company, small or large, ranked on the top pages of Google, meaning all those users searching will have more chance of stumbling across your site, which helps a company build an audience and gain more revenue. We also offer social media, pay per click (PPC) and web design so your site can reach out to the far corners of the net, rather than stay lost in the furthest reaches of Google. And even then, few will bother to reach that far down.

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