Google Drop Emoji’s From Search Results Page

24 Jun

Emoji is a term for an image which is often used in online conversation or mobile phone messaging. These can be smiley faces, or anything else that’s available, and certain companies have been taking advantage of the Emoji, using them outside of social chat, utilising methods to have them appear in search results. And a little image stands out more than just simple text. But now Google have put a stop to it, making the ranking game fair once again.

Search Page Emoji Purge

This recent stance has been in the planning since the complaints began, with Google constantly promising to rid the world, well, just their search results, of any small images which may highlight users to the page. They have been on the mobile pages for years, and the desktop pages for months, and companies aren’t happy. While they won’t enhance the ranking position, seeing an image makes it a more desirable page to click over one without any Emoji’s.
emojiNow gone, it’s fair game for everybody, and it was a move Google had to make to avoid their ranking system falling to pieces. If you can manipulate the system, it only encourages others to try, and one of the reasons Google tweak their rules so much, is to ensure the highest ranked websites are the best for the one searching, not a site which spams images and keywords to hang on to the top.

Organic SEO with RS Digital

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