YouTube Stars Give Advice On How To Succeed

23 Mar

YouTube is a site which is creating stars, stars so bright that they are eclipsing those considered ‘real’ celebrities. As the views and content increases year on year, it pays to be part of YouTube, but finding success on the site is another thing entirely, and many companies fall into the depths, smothered by cat videos and vlogs. But fear not, as some of the biggest YouTube stars have recently provide advice for anyone looking to make it big on the video service.

Star Advice

The stars have spoken, and they have released a number of short videos to help YouTube users to bring the best out of their videos. The shorts are called ‘How To Succeed on YouTube: Engage Your Audience’, which features big YouTubers such as Zoella, TomSka, and Niki and Sammy. Each offer a variety of advice to explain just how they continue to stay popular and relevant on a site were users are always looking for the next big thing.

TomSka believes in honesty and love, saying, ‘A good YouTube creator loves what they’re doing because they’re being honest.’

Managing director of The Rumpus Room, Stuart Avery said, ‘Brands wanting to build engagement need to ask: why would anyone care, why would anyone want to view your content?’

The hints all point towards being a company which can engage audiences through quality videos that show how much they love the brand, without a stuffy corporate image hanging behind them. The advice is fairly common sense, but also a good reminder for when things are going wrong with videos that aren’t getting hits. The whole video is worth a watch and we can further help with your YouTube campaign!

View the video here!

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