RS Digital and the World of Social Media

27 Nov

Social Media is here to stay, and the impact it can have for a company’s online presence is huge. There are a number of networks available, all offering different ways to engage with an eager audience who can instantly respond to whatever you choose to post. Like a hot deal or a more general question about the weather, perhaps. And at RS Digital, we utilise the biggest services to help clients find their social audience.

The Main Social Services

The three big social networks people find themselves engaging heavily on are Twitter, Facebook and Google+. While the three sites don’t appear too distinct from one another, they all work best in their own unique ways. Facebook is ideal for building an audience by sharing chunky posts of information and general fun related to your services found from the far corners of the net. For example, a coffee company can share new posts about new products they’ve just got in, or on offer. For the fun side of things, the coffee social team can post facts about coffee or pop culture references related to the drink, such as Agent Cooper’s coffee loving ways in hit TV show Twin Peaks. While professionalism is a must, loosening up to allow a bit of fun will engage the audience and not have you coming across as a pushy salesman.

Twitter works with the same type of information, but with snappier write ups to grab followers interest. A Tweet is only 140 characters, so a lot has to be said with little. It can also be lost in the wave of tweets that go out every minute, so posting more is also more beneficial than posting more on Facebook, buy brand name effexor which tends to keep key posts floating at the top of news feeds. Interaction with customers has a more personal touch to, with replies going directly to those you want to speak too. It’s a faster paced service, with a personal touch.

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Google+ is the one which stumps many, coming across as an empty Facebook imitator, when it’s in fact a great place for businesses to share content, form groups and have their posts pop up on Google Search results when a connected user searches for related key words. Some people even consider it to be the most important social site for SEO purposes, and so to miss out on the seemingly quite Google + would be a huge oversight. It just isn’t a public playground of cat videos and lunch updates, focussing more on key information people want to see.

Further Benefits 

The three social services offer different benefits and it can help in building an audience and works in tandem with SEO, so your site can see higher ranks on search engine results. In the future of internet marketing, both forms of presence building are essential, and RS Digital can boost your ranks with our SEO and social media expertise.

RS Digital Social Role 

RS Digital can set up your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, along with other social networks such as the business site LinkedIn. Our social media team can even make the posts for you, so you can just focus on running the rest of the business, knowing full well your social sites are in good hands. If you’re looking to make your business social, speak to an RS Digital consultant today by visiting the main site.



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