YouTube Channels Removed Over Duplicate Content Issues

23 Oct

Has your YouTube channel recently disappeared? If it has, YouTube could have removed it due to duplicate content issues! Keep on reading to find out more…

YouTube has lately announced that it has started to crack down on YouTube channels that are taking already-produced videos and re-uploading them to their own channels. This is because the posting of stolen and duplicate content is against the YouTube Partner Program policies.

Examples of duplicate content on YouTube 

To ensure that as many users as possible are able to avoid getting their accounts removed, YouTube shared a list of duplicate content examples that must be avoided, including:

  • Videos that are automatically generated
  • Videos that are pulled from third party sources with no content or narrative added by the creator
  • Videos that have been uploaded many times by multiple users if you’re not the original uploader
  • Videos that are uploaded in a way that is trying to get around our copyright tools

Accounts removed because of duplication issues are being provided with the opportunity to reapply to re-join the popular video platform after 30 days.

You can see the full announcement from YouTube here.

YouTube Best Practices

Whether you have had your YouTube channel removed and are looking to quickly re-join YouTube, or you are simply looking for tips to ensure your channel does not get removed in the future, here are some best practices for you to consider:

  • Add commentary or show your presence in your videos (voice or on screen)
  • Link back to your YouTube channel from your website
  • Provide more context about your work in your video and channel descriptions, providing as much information as possible
  • Make sure the content on your channel aligns with all YouTube policies
  • Consider hiring a social media specialist to assist with your YouTube marketing, such as RS Digital

Here to Help

Here at RS Digital we hold all of the knowledge and experience needed to create and manage YouTube accounts as successfully as possible, always ensuring that our clients’ accounts are created and managed in a way which avoids penalties whilst working to increase brand awareness and bottom line sales. If you would like more information in regards to our leading YouTube marketing or complete social media marketing packages, do not hesitate to contact our team today who are always happy to help!


Gareth Owen