Facebook Market Value On Par With Walmart!

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, and Facebook has just matched it in market value with only three years as a public company. This shows just how big a deal social media has become in the last few years. Growing Space While the revenue Facebook gains doesn’t amount…
RS Digital
June 29, 2015

Facebook Is Starting To Support Animated Gifs!

Animated gifs are one of the things the internet loves, but few of the big social sites support. A laughing child, a sneezing panda, everyone loves a fun gif to brighten up the day, and Facebook will soon be allowing support for the image type, so the social site can…
RS Digital
June 3, 2015

Facebook Search Engine On The Way?

Rumblings around the internet suggest that Facebook could be about to unveil a search engine of their own, in hopes to keep everybody within their own site, rather than venturing outwards for information. The reason for these rumours? An iOS feature some users are starting to see which points towards…
RS Digital
May 11, 2015