Facebook Is Starting To Support Animated Gifs!

03 Jun

Animated gifs are one of the things the internet loves, but few of the big social sites support. A laughing child, a sneezing panda, everyone loves a fun gif to brighten up the day, and Facebook will soon be allowing support for the image type, so the social site can become a little more animated!

Animate This

The gifs will soon be able to be posted on the news feed, allowing friends and followers to enjoy a short snap of entertainment as they scroll through their posts. A gif is eye catching, and with a simple paste of a gif URL, the animation springs to life! Uploading isn’t going to be an option at launch, and nor will Pages be able to support gifs, but hopefully gifs will  take Facebook by storm leading to these missing features to be implemented!

For those who aren’t so big on the idea of animated gifs running rampant on your news feed, an option to turn auto play on or off is available, so you can choose which gifs animate and which don’t. Everyone can be happy with the options Facebook have put in place. And with Auto Play off, you’ll still be able to tell the difference between an image and a gif, thanks to a handy white circle with the words ‘Gif’ displayed on any images which can come to life.

Social Media at RS Digital

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