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29 Jun

Facebook Market Value On Par With Walmart!

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, and Facebook has just matched it in market value with only three years as a public company. This shows just how big a deal social media has become in the last few years. Growing Space While the revenue Facebook gains doesn’t amount

22 Jun

Google To Tailor Results By Accent?

Google tailor results for a whole manner of things, and accents could be added to truly tailor your search engine experience. A recent patent hints at this, but what does it means for those with a thick Burnley accent or a soft French accent? Searching for Accents The technology could

17 Jun

Coca-Cola Reveals Radical New Web Design

Coca-Cola is a brand with such a wide market reach that its name is the second most common word on the planet after the word ‘OK’. When a brand is so monolithic that it literally creates a league of its own, it goes without saying that us mere mortals could

15 Jun

Jessica Alba Builds $1billion Online Company

Jessica Alba is well-known for her career as a Golden Globe award-winning actress and model. Most of us know of her from watching ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Honey’. Now the talented female has expanded her influence with a very successful and financially lucrative reach into the internet entrepreneurial industry

11 Jun

Mobile Internet Is On The Rise!

According to recent Digi-capital forecasts, mobile internet is a major growth market when it comes to handheld technology. The forecasts estimate a mobile internet revenue growth of up to 3x last year’s levels, from $300 million in 2014 to $850 billion by 2018. Mobile Friendly  The figures emphasize the ever-increasing

03 Jun

Facebook Is Starting To Support Animated Gifs!

Animated gifs are one of the things the internet loves, but few of the big social sites support. A laughing child, a sneezing panda, everyone loves a fun gif to brighten up the day, and Facebook will soon be allowing support for the image type, so the social site can