Google Introduces New Features to AdWords and Analytics

01 Jun

Google has announced some new features for their services at the recent I/O developer conference, and these new features are going to add more options than ever before for users of AdWords and Analytics. As digital marketing becomes more prominent for companies, the set of options available must improve with it, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

The New Features

The new features promised by Google at the conference for AdWords and Analytics are in light of the recent mobile friendly rule added to Google’s Analytics, which means every site has to be responsive and mobile friendly to stand a chance on Google’s search engine.

For AdWords, Google is introducing the Universal Apps campaign, which will help those using the service to reach a wider audience on search, AdMob, mobile, YouTube, and Google Play. It opens up more options for a company to get their advertisement out there, with even more options available to reach a specific audience.

For Analytics, Google is introducing a feature called Mobile App Install Campaign Attribution. Sounds like a mouth full, but it makes things simpler for everybody, allowing advertisers to understand and analyse the performance of their ads.

These features help improve the services and puts everything in line with the required mobile friendly designs.

Digital Marketing at RS Digital

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