Mobile Internet Is On The Rise!

11 Jun

According to recent Digi-capital forecasts, mobile internet is a major growth market when it comes to handheld technology. The forecasts estimate a mobile internet revenue growth of up to 3x last year’s levels, from $300 million in 2014 to $850 billion by 2018.

Mobile Friendly 

The figures emphasize the ever-increasing popularity of mobile internet – a allowing for so much possibility, on-the-go. The possibility for a phone to be online allows people to keep updated yet still retain a busy schedule – from managing their social media accounts to checking important emails. Ultimately, mobile internet allows for an expansion of prospect and a chance to progress. Having a website for business is essential, as allows accessibility potentially 24—hours, as well as enabling you to propel yourself, your product, your brand.

Browsing on the move 

In turn, the savviest businesses are seeing the expanding positives of appealing to the mobile market – by having a fully responsive website. With the internet being accessed on mobiles also, this detracts from desktop usage, and what is essential, in turn, is that company websites appear attractive on both mediums. Ways to do this include streamlining content and design, having appropriate bars for scrolling and, of course, good organic means of generating visitors.
Here at RS Digital, we embrace the opportunity to bring attractiveness and appeal to websites, so they look great on mobile devices, as well as desktop. With our years of industry experience, we know the most innovative techniques of enhancing your website increasing traffic and getting you the recognition you deserve. After all, mobile internet gives you the opportunity to be seen in so many places, and we want to help you make the most of that with our digital marketing services.


Gareth Owen