Coca-Cola Reveals Radical New Web Design

17 Jun

Coca-Cola is a brand with such a wide market reach that its name is the second most common word on the planet after the word ‘OK’. When a brand is so monolithic that it literally creates a league of its own, it goes without saying that us mere mortals could probably take note and learn lessons from any moves they make in regards to their marketing. This is why their recent move to re-launch their website with a drastic new design turned heads and led to excited talk in the industry.

What does this mean for the digital market?

coca colaThe new website uses the domain as a platform to convey social stories with an increase in multimedia and curated content. It reads more like a magazine really, than a website. But what does this mean? Well, it is further evidence of the internet levelling the playing field. With news of good products spreading like wildfire, companies can’t rely on the old methods that would assure their success. With consumers being increasingly aware of the ethics behind products and the never-ending range of their options via the internet, veterans have to succumb to the very real fact that they must remain relevant on the internet too if they want to maintain their traction.

Leaders in web design: RS Digital Ltd

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Gareth Owen