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22 Jul

Twitter Wallpapers Vanish From Sight

Twitter users have been experiencing an unusual occurrence this week, as Twitter wallpapers have been vanishing from users pages. Some considered it a glitch, but it turns out that isn’t the case at all.. Vanishing Act The Twitter wallpapers have been removed by Twitter themselves, and now users can no

20 Jul

Where Do You Get The News? 63% Use Social Media!

Everyone likes to look at the news, it’s a human desire to want to know just what’s happening in the world, be it celebrity gossip, politics, or unfortunate events. In recent times, the sources people get news from has changed. Once it was newspapers, then the television, then through websites,

15 Jul

The Whole World Loves Social Media

Ever since human beings learnt to talk, word-of-mouth has been the most trusted method of passing on crucial information. And social media is the digital form of this age old technique. Recent reports confirm social media’s worldwide presence, surprisingly persistent even in heavily censored countries like China. In the UK

06 Jul

New Google Now Features Asks The Questions For You!

It’s hard to make decisions, and it can be even harder to ask the questions. Google Now, an application for Android and Google Chrome, has helped users find the answers they’re looking for, and it’s about to receive an upgrade, determining what you want to ask before you even type

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