The Whole World Loves Social Media

15 Jul

Ever since human beings learnt to talk, word-of-mouth has been the most trusted method of passing on crucial information. And social media is the digital form of this age old technique. Recent reports confirm social media’s worldwide presence, surprisingly persistent even in heavily censored countries like China. In the UK the number of smartphone users is set to rise from 36 million in 2014 to an astounding 48 million in 2018. Meanwhile some of the world’s emerging economies such as those situated in Latin America, report a 59% increase in the number of smartphone users in 2014 when compared with the year before. The rapid increase in smartphone purchases is largely attributed to their function as the most immediate tools for social media access.The world really does love social media.

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Around the world in one second

The implications of these figures on the way we live our lives is colossal. In an increasingly globalised world, the ease with which businesses are conducted across countries and continents is ever-enhancing. Even companies which specialise in domestic business can build a strong reputation using international networks to expand their profile. The easiest and most effective way to do this is through enhancing your reputation on social media. Social media works like a domino effect because of the share functions across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Positive (and negative) reviews can spread like wildfire. So it is crucial in a competitive market, to ensure you and your business are ahead of the curve and can control your image online. The help of an online advertising agency can make sure your social shines!

Social Media Specialists: RS Digital

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Gareth Owen