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26 Oct

Liverpool Business Exhibition 2015

Tuesday 13th October was the date where we were set to showcase our rebrand and digital marketing excellence – at the Liverpool Business Exhibition. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of modern digital marketing, so were excited by the prospects of the Expo. After all, business events offer

21 Oct

3 avoidable online mistakes businesses make

Small businesses are often in a hurry to get their site online, which is all well and good, but rushing a job can mean that it’s not done effectively, and there’s nothing worse than trying to use a website that has got huge potential but has ended up having terrible

19 Oct

Facebook announces ‘reactions’!

For years, since the “like” button was introduced on Facebook, a good portion of its users have requested a dislike button. Facebook is used as a social sharing site, with some people sharing far too much of their lives in status’ (you know the ones) and some people using it

12 Oct

Twitter becomes a tracker for earthquakes

Twitter has become a tool for research, as well as informing the world on your thoughts of the most recent X Factor or Great British Bake Off episode, but most shockingly, Twitter revealed recently that it’s being used to track earthquakes, as and when they happen. Because 2,000 tremor sensors

08 Oct

Google buys the Alphabet – literally!

In August, Google announced the launch of a parent company called Alphabet. Alphabet encompasses all companies either owned by or tied to Google, some of them being Google itself, Google X, Google Ventures and Google Capital. The reorganisation of Google into Alphabet was completed on October 2nd. Google wants all

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