Google buys the Alphabet – literally!

08 Oct

In August, Google announced the launch of a parent company called Alphabet. Alphabet encompasses all companies either owned by or tied to Google, some of them being Google itself, Google X, Google Ventures and Google Capital. The reorganisation of Google into Alphabet was completed on October 2nd.

Google wants all the letters

As well as this, it was discovered Google bought the domain, because it can. The whois records for show that it was bought in 1999 (whoever bought it is obviously hilarious) and was owned privately until Google bought it.

The site doesn’t contain anything, although we were fully expecting to see the actual Alphabet in all its glory for the world to see, that doesn’t happen. It’s thought that the company is protecting its assets (sensible) and registering domains affiliated with its new company Alphabet.

Who else wants the Alphabet?

Other alphabet inspired sites include, which is currently owned by BMW and which belong to the ABC TV network. If you were looking to buy the domain, then you will now have to miss out a few letters, because it’s sitting firmly under Google’s belt.

Google Alphabet

Googling the alphabet in the form of words

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