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09 Sep

Google Chrome Speeds Up With New Update

September is looking to be a busy month for Google, with a new logo, new features and now a faster version of Google Chrome. It seems like the new ownership from Alphabet is pushing forward a great deal of tweaks, ready for the big changes to come. Updating Chrome The

08 Jan

Google Planning To Save The Internet in 2015

An extra second is being added to 2015 this year, as scientists adjust time to make up for Earth’s changing rotation, but there are fears that this single second could pull the internet down and cause world chaos. But Google aren’t going to let that happen, and have donned a

09 Dec

The Captcha Change

Many have fallen foul to the dreaded Captcha test, repeatedly finding themselves squinting hard at the squiggles of letters and numbers, in hope of making sense of it all. The test was used as a protective measure to prevent robots from getting into services, but most humans couldn’t get through