A More Secure Internet Is Possible Thanks To Tech Advances

05 May

Artificial Intelligence is a scary thing. Films such as Terminator and the more recent Chappie show the real dangers one can expect from a rogue coding of A.I, but for now A.I is giving us all a helping hand. Thanks to the way machines are learning technology, a more secure internet is within our grasp!

The Power of A.I

Bitdefender 2015 is the saviour of the net, using  a neural network of millions of computers modelled after the human brain to track down any viruses and issues, providing incredibly effective results.  140 million plus malware threats were reported in 2014, which was a huge increase over those reported in 2013, which was 80 million. And it will only continue to increase as the program evolves.

It tracks down threats thanks to the calibre one A.I in place, which learns of threats and how to prevent them, which feels very 80’s sci-fi. Each day, they’re learning…

And that’s before even mentioned BRAIN, which stands for Bitdefender Reflective Artificial Intelligence Networks. This allows systems to learn algorithms and analyse data from over 500 million computers. Patterns of malware are studied and threats can be neutralised within three seconds. Imagine if that was built into a human killing robot?

For translation, Google Translate use ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence), along with systems found within vehicles, and smartphones.

Different types of A.I are helping us in our day to day life everyday, and thanks to the number of intelligent programs on the internet, things are more secure than ever!


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