Google Planning To Save The Internet in 2015

08 Jan

An extra second is being added to 2015 this year, as scientists adjust time to make up for Earth’s changing rotation, but there are fears that this single second could pull the internet down and cause world chaos. But Google aren’t going to let that happen, and have donned a cape of justice to stop that second from causing problems for us all.

How a Single Second Can Change the Net 

Scientists have slotted the extra second into the years schedule on the 30th June, at 11.59.60, and for a full second clocks will stop, and quickly resume as if nothing ever happened. People won’t notice the extra time, but computers will, which is why some scientists are worried.

It isn’t the first time extra time has been added to a year to make up for the Earth’s rotation, in fact,since 1972, time has been adjusted a total of twenty five times, though recent changes can cause trouble thanks to computers staying in line with atomic clocks. In 2012, a number of websites went down due to a similar problem, and it’s believed computers will be  uncertain on what to do with the extra second. It seems it’s hard for even computers to cope with the unexpected.

Super Google 

Google aren’t going to let this second get away with causing any trouble this year however, and have a plan in place which will make sure even computers become as unaware of the extra second as we most likely will. Rather than pausing and confusing the systems, milliseconds will gradually be added on the run up to the event, so everything can continue as it were. No seconds are counted more than once, and the milliseconds are small enough not to cause any questions from the machines. This technique is called the leap smear.

Some aren’t too keen on the idea though, as the smidgen of extra time might cause slight disruptions in transactions and navigations, but Google look set to go with the plan to avoid a total internet crash.

Websites needn’t worry about the extra second when companies such as Google are willing to fight any upcoming trouble, and your business should safely sail through the extra second of 2015.



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Senior Researcher

Gareth Owen