Google Chrome Speeds Up With New Update

09 Sep

September is looking to be a busy month for Google, with a new logo, new features and now a faster version of Google Chrome. It seems like the new ownership from Alphabet is pushing forward a great deal of tweaks, ready for the big changes to come.

Updating Chrome

The new update doesn’t need downloading, it will have quietly replaced the old Google Chrome without you even realising it. Memory and battery power are saved thanks to better management of resources, and it runs quicker to boot. Google Chrome has been the number one choice of web browser for years thanks to its performance and ease of use, and it’s only going to continue being the essential browser as these tweaks are made.

Google and RS Digital

Google is used by millions in a variety of ways every day, be it for Google, Google Chrome, Google+ or Google Mail. There are so many areas of Google, and the new updates have helped bring them altogether, creating a seamless environment. More will be jumping to other Google services purely for ease of navigation, and it’s something companies need to be on board.

Having success in each area of Google leads to success for your own company. Search engine optimisation (SEO) provides a high Google ranking, pay per click (PPC) marketing, gets you on the front page for advertisements, and Google+ draws in new audiences and connections. All these elements are key to being successful online, but getting to grips with them all can be troublesome. Which is when we step in.

At RS Digital we offer high quality solutions for all these areas, and can bring your company into 2015 with the right techniques for people to find your site with ease! Just visit our main page today, and contact a member of the team for a free SEO review!


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