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18 May

Why Updating Images Can Be Harmful to Google Rankings

Indexing photos is sluggish, which can have a severe impact for image-heavy sites that often change their images. Google indexes photos slowly, which might be an issue if you’re making large modifications to hundreds of images. Many of the suggested remedies would have little effect, and the only thing that

02 May

Alt Text Best Practice for Google SEO

Google’s John Mueller responded to a question on using alt text for SEO during a Google Office-hours chat. Along the way, he addressed the myth that alt text had a 16-word restriction and offered methods to use alt text that would be beneficial to SEO. Alternative TextAlt text refers to

01 Mar

The Truth About Brand Mentions

During a Google SEO Office Hours chat, someone questioned Googler John Mueller about the dilemma of publications mentioning his site but not linking to his site by using the brand name or domain name. What he wanted to know was if such mentions of his domain and brand name may

09 Feb

Google Deindexes Pages of Offline Websites

Do you know what the meaning of deindexing is? Well, it’s basically when Google decides to remove some pages from a website when the stuff on that page doesn’t really help with users’ search enquiries. This happens when website owners spam pages in their website for better SEO or they

12 Jan

Build a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022

2022 SEO Strategy

SEO is a powerful tool that helps people searching the internet find relevant information or products simply by typing keywords into their search engine. Improving your SEO enables you to get organic traffic from people searching these keywords. If you want to build a highly effective SEO strategy in 2022

20 Nov

IndexNow plugin for WordPress

Over the holidays, Microsoft released a brand new tool for WordPress users called IndexNow. This plugin automatically submits your website’s URLs to search engines. Once installed, the plugin will detect every time you create, update or delete a page on your website and then it shares that information with the

10 Sep

Soft 404s can Harm Your Google Rankings

Google Rankings are critical when it comes to getting your business in front and centre of your customers. But there is one overlooked deterrent that can kill your rankings: the Soft 404. A soft 404 is an expired landing page or, in other words, a website URL that tells the