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03 Oct

It’s Good to be Back

Without question, this has been a year like none other we’ve seen. With shut downs and the need for social distancing, many futures have become uncertain both personally and professionally. We would just like to start off by saying that we are so incredibly proud to being back in business

07 Sep

Why Websites Should Use HTTPS

There are a lot of technical terms out there that can be overwhelming to the person looking to better their own website. If you’re feeling overwhelmed over something as “seemingly simple” as choosing between HTTP and HTTPS for your website, never fear.  We are here to help you understand what

17 Feb

Google Search Console Adds New Tools and Snippets Reports

Let us take you on the path where you can understand the Google Search Console’s new snippet report and added support features intensively. Google has finally introduced the new report feature in the Search Console that can assist you with the review snippets. The latest enhancements include a new performance report and added support for the review snippets.

25 Oct

Google BERT Update – The Newest Google Update

Today Google announced an incredibly important update – the Google BERT Update. This update is possibly the biggest Google update in five years and is set to impact around 10% of search queries, especially complicated search queries that depend on context.