Google AdWords Now Converts Flash Ads to HTML5

20 Mar

Poor Flash. It’s been on the way out slowly over the last few years, and now Google has had enough with the graphics format too, and any AdWords now have the option to be automatically upgraded to HTML5, a format which offers a number of benefits Abode’s Flash can’t in 2015.

One Flash and it’s Gone

Flash has value on PCs and Laptops, but it’s a format mobile phones don’t take too kindly to. And since more and more people are regularly using mobile over standard PCs and laptops, the move from Flash to HTML5 is a logical one, as that format works perfectly on mobile web browsers.

The conversion Google offers foes through the company’s Swiffy tool, which converts SWF files to HTML5, and while some Flash files won’t be able to make the conversion, many will, allowing companies to have their adverts presence on both mobiles and desktops.

The lack of Flash on mobile devices is an unusual one, as Flash haven’t had a mobile version present since 2012, and Apple outwards denied the format on their phones, describing the format as ‘buggy’. If Flash want to remain relevent in 2015, a case of making an effective format for phones and desktops needs to be put in place. But at this rate, it may be too late as everyone starts to adopt HTML.

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