While You Were Away, Twitter Added New Features

24 Feb

There are two types of Twitter users, those who visit every so often, maybe once a week, and those who are constantly checking for the latest news or friend related comments. Twitter runs at a faster pace than Facebook, so it can be hard for the former type of Twitter user to keep on top of what really matters, but Twitter realise this, and have those users covered. The new service introduced first on iOS, and now on Android, ‘While You Were Away’ has been launched.

While You Were Avoiding Twitter

The service, which was previously iOS exclusive, has now become universal across mobile devices, and it gives users an overview of the best tweets since they last visited, decided by the amount of engagement they’ve received. The only issue with this is that the feature also pops up for the second type of Twitter user, and it can be frustrating for those who just want to see the tweets as they come.

This should only be a short term issue however, as the ‘While You Were Away’ feature will recognise frequent Tweets and less will show up in the best of section when they log in. The feature is in line with how Facebook dish out the best posts, and it allows users who may not be so regular to the service, to see the best of what they missed.

 Social Media at RS Digital 

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while you were away

What happened in the world while you were away from Twitter?

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