2015 is a year of trends you can top: With the best web design

24 Feb

Following the BAFTAS and the Oscars, as well as London Fashion week of course, the importance of putting on a good show has never been more evident. This extends in turn, to the internet. Maintaining iconography as well as popularity has perhaps never been more crucial when it comes to making your page the place to be on the World Wide Web.

Attitudes to web design can change as rapidly as the fashions, and therefore to maintain relevance to allow for excellence is essential. Consider Facebook – last year’s changes to the design generated a talking point – just what prompts visitor numbers to rise.

Essentially Mobile

An essential point to consider, is in terms of how these visitors’ actually access sites. With the rise of Smartphones and tablet technology, this means that an immediately accessible design is more important than ever.  If the user is not immediately attracted by the home page, this leaves prospect of further site exploration fairly slim.

And slim is perhaps the key word here – not only in regards to fashion week, but the competitive catwalk which is the web. Maintaining trim, readily accessible content is central. This may include the removal of the scroll bar to allow for a more streamlined effect, or adding a split screen.  Pop-out navigation and fly bars are also a potential option, which allows content to be further refined.

Topping the Trends

Changing dimensions of your web appearance also means that you do not maintain the trends, you lead them. The endless accessorising with stock photos and complex colour schemes is becoming old. A selective and refined consideration of your websites individuality may involve a thematic font or a focus image. Minimalism is forever fashionable in the internet sense, for it does not date and therefore makes for a cost and time effective choice for the future.

At RS Digital, we aim to offer the cutting-edge in website design, allowing you to top those trends. With a team of expert designers always prepared to sit and discuss the best design for you, we can make a fitting and flaunting site which suits your needs. Let your website be the place to be and a talking point for all the right reasons – visit our main page to find out more.



Gareth Owen