The Google Notification System Expands

03 Aug

Google+ has been evolving at a rapid pace in recent months, with new features added, old features removed, and other features expanded. The Google notification system which follows you through Google once logged in is one of the features which has undergone an expansion. And it makes it much easier to stay on top of your online ventures than ever before!


The Google notification system was originally locked to Google+, but now it has spread across the web, allowing Google users to keep on top of Google Photos and YouTube. These helps unite Google’s sites and features under one tidy notifications bar, and it’s slowly being trickled out to users across the world. Once its in place, you can filter and adjust settings while on Gmail, choosing just which notifications you want to see pop up as you browse the web.

It’s just one of the changes Google have been making this year, along with Google+ features being expanded, and algorithm rules changing to put mobile friendly sites in place, and if you want purchase effexor xr your company to rule the web, you need to be aware of all these changes.

Using Google with RS Digital

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