The New RS Digital Website Is Here!

30 Sep

This month we introduced the new logo, and this week it is all about the new RS Digital website! A new logo can’t be dealing with an old website, everything has to evolve together, and the new site is all about being united, for site accessibility, and to help your company reach the top!

Welcome To The New Site

The new site should offer a smoother experience both on desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to find all the information you need, and clearly reveal to you just what it is we do. Search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click (PPC) marketing and conversion optimisation may be terms which are alien to you, but once you’ve had a quick read over at our new site, you’ll know exactly what they are, and why you need them.

A lot of other companies fail at getting the message across, which is why we’ve toiled away at ensuring each sentence reveals relevant clear information, not fatty filler to bore and confuse.

It’s also easier than ever to navigate, and you can send a message any time thanks to the side bars which keep you on the page while you make your enquiry. Everything is in its right place, and through contacting us, your site can be in the right place too!

See You At The Top With RS Digital

At RS Digital our aim is to help your company find success on the net, and we can offer services to help you rank highly on Google with SEO, receive instant traffic through PPC, and broaden your horizons through social media. We have a dedicated team for each aspect of online marketing, and you can pick and choose just which services you desire, at competitive rates!

If you feel like you could be doing better with your website, visit our new website today, and contact a member of the team, for a free website health check up. We’re experts at using our SEO defibrillators!



RS Digital
Senior Researcher

Gareth Owen