How To Get 24.8 Million Twitter Followers: Advice from Kim Kardashian

05 Nov

Want to know how to strike big in the world of Social Media? With 24.8 million Twitter followers,Kim Kardashian should certainly have some advice to impart. And impart she has, at the Code/Mobile conference in Half Moon Bay, Calif, revealing a collection of tips that will surely boost your social presence. Maybe…

Social Media Will Make Your Career

One of the key things Kim Kardashian brought about is how important social media can be. Without the power of social media, Kim might not have a achieved the fame she has. It has nothing to do with her reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s, famous boyfriends, and her infamous godfather. Not at all.

Use Twitter As Your Google

This tip might be a bit more useful for those without shows. If you have a query that needs answering, rather than jumping onto Google and finding it yourself, get others to do it for you with a quick Tweet! A question can be seen by any current followers, plus those specifically searching for certain keywords on the site. It can help start a conversation, and sometimes if it’s a brand your looking for, they might help you themselves! Though in reality you’ll probably get a quicker and more accurate result from Google…

Instagram Is The Best

Instagram is a great tool to provide a more intimate touch to your social media strategy. They say a picture paints a thousand words, which is useful when you only have 140 characters on Twitter to get your thoughts across. Instagram can be linked to Twitter, so any new products, events or random moments of fun can be shared between the two. Though Kim warns that you musn’t post more than three pictures per location, because it’s weird. So, stop being weird!

Phone Tweeting

Everyone always has a phone on them, so why not tweet whenever you get the chance? Kim K swears by the Blackberry for the keypad functions, but any phone will do for a steady dose of power tweeting. It does help to have something to say though, not everyone can post about what they’re wearing today and expect it to tie in with their company message. I’m wearing shorts.

You probably won’t be getting 24.8 million followers with Kim Kardashian’s advice, and taking it on board might not make much of a difference in the long run either if you don’t have a social strategy. The best social advice we can offer is for you to let Ranking Solution take over your social platforms, providing you a presence you may not have time to do yourself!


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