Google Fun Facts Make Procrastination So Much Easier

07 Sep

Google have added a fun new feature alongside their logo change, and it’s one sure to eat away at your hours when you could be doing something a little more productive. Just go onto Google and search either ‘fun facts’ or ‘i’m feeling curious’ to open up a whole world of fun. Google fun facts are the best kind of facts!

Did You Know

Once you type in those magic words, Google will whisk you off to encounter a random fact. It could be about space, music, politics, even the origin of apple pie. These results will surely provide hours of fun, and may even improve your chances at the local pub quiz. And a simple click will take you to the next fact. If you like to learn random information with as little effort as possible, fun facts is the hidden Google feature for you!

Already I’ve learnt about how many times an ant can lift its own weight, and the great invention of 1876, and already I’m clicking away to learn more, more, more. Few services offer such fun secrets, and it makes Google the ultimate search engine for quirks and serious information. It creates a balance that could potentially be keeping the internet from falling apart. Maybe that’s one of the fun facts?

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