RS Digital can manage your email marketing for you. We’ll manage your campaigns and make sure your email content is top-notch so that consumers visit your site and buy your items and services. Our email marketing management services include content production and customisation, and we’ll assist you in selecting the campaign bundle that best meets your company’s objectives and goals.

Subject lines that entice

A catchy subject line is vital if you don’t want your marketing email to go unread. Trying to get it perfect might feel like stumbling about in the dark, but subject lines are a science – and we’ve mastered it.

It’s a truth that individuals are inundated with emails every day, and most of them go unread. However, everything is not lost. RS Digital Marketing managed email services will help to improve your emails so that they have a far better chance of getting seen and, eventually, acted upon.

The key to excellent email creativity

We have outstanding designers, clever authors, and html experts that ensure that your email is optimised for the channel, device, and consumer. We create to attract attention and write to convince. We also put innovative ideas to the test, pushing the boundaries of best practise while maintaining deliverability.

From research to competitive advantage

We are undeniably results-oriented. That’s why we’ve had such long-term connections with our digital marketing clients. We go through performance and demographic data in search of a competitive edge that will increase opens, clicks, and ROI.

Our Email Marketing Services include

Written email creation

Campaign and target audience strategy

Basic visual engagement graphics (up to two per email)

Subject line split testing

Coding emails

Conversion monitoring

Split testing of a list

Campaign Report

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Beneficial to Your Business

1. People check their email frequently.

2. Encourage subscribers to visit your business.

3. Encourage subscribers to visit your website.

4. You may appeal to your readers by customising your emails.

5. Email marketing offers the best ROI of any digital approach.

6. Emails have a high click-through rate.

7. Email marketing increases conversions.