31% of Referral Traffic Now Comes From Social Media

05 Feb

It’s often been said that social media is a key partner to search engine optimisation (SEO), with links from social helping to ultimately improve online rankings, and new figures show this to be the case, as 31.24% of referral traffic currently comes through social media. To not have a social plan in place could be costly to your business, and these figures should act as a wake up call for those denouncing the importance of social media.


The 31.24% figure comes from a report released by Shareaholic, a figure determined by analysing the top eight social sites, and the 31.24% share of referral traffic is a 22.71% increase from 2013, showing the steady rise of social media’s importance.

The change in where referral links comes from is down to how internet users spend their time while online. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are often the first port of call for many users, and naturally links are shared while browsing, and they travel far due to the amount of friends and followers who can see these links. Internet usage increasing while on the move with mobile phones has also contributed to the figure, as many like to browse Facebook or Twitter quickly while waiting for the bus. It’s an instant gateway to most of the information they require.

Going Social with RS Digital

Setting up a social campaign might be too time consuming for a business, and how to begin in approaching the social sea to fish out an audience can be even more so. Experience and time are both required, and an SEO company with key knowledge and experience in Social Media can take all the work and worries from your mind.

At RS Digital we can take care of your social media campaign for you, setting up accounts across all major social networks and keep the pages frequently updated with engagement, news, offers and competitions. It pays to be connected with the very audience who seek your services or share your passions.

Looking to improve your online presence via SEO and social media? Visit our main website today, and contact one of the team for a free SEO review of your site!

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