Rumour: Tweets To Show In Google Search Engine Results With New Deal

05 Feb

The world of social media and the world of search engines are about to collide, as a report detailed by business site Bloomberg suggests a deal between Twitter and Google has been made to show Tweets on the major search engine site.

Searching for Tweets

The new deal means 140 character tweets will be made visible on Google’s search engine when a user searches for the relevant keywords. Tweets will be shown on the search engine as soon as they’re posted, helping bridge social and search engines in a way that will benefit company’s utilising social media. Access to Twitter’s stream of data has been granted to Google, allowing for instant results, rather than having to crawl for the information.

The update is expected to arrive within the first half of the year, though no official confirmation from either Google or Twitter has been granted. It’s a fairly strong rumour though, as Google and Twitter had a similar system in place between 2009 and 2011. With Google opening up more to competing social networking sites integrating with their results, we’re one step closer to a united internet, making the world a better place for users and companies alike.

Companies with high rankings on the search engine will need to up their social media game if they want to continue maintaining such a strong presence, and an SEO company with Social Media knowledge can help bring out the best results in both aspects of internet marketing.

Social Media with RS Digital 

The new agreement further strengthens the importance of social media when it comes to building an online presence utilising search engine optimisation (SEO), and at RS Digital we offer SEO and social media services to help organically rank your site  on the highest pages of  Google. Our social media team can set up accounts across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+, and even support the pages by engaging the audience with offers, questions and news stories.

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