How to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic

31 Oct

With so many companies now competing with one another within each industry, online SEO is essential all year long, however, what many people do not realise is that SEO techniques and tactics have to be switched up throughout the year, especially in the run up to the Christmas period.

It is thought that approximately 50% of people prefer shopping online, turning to major search engines such as Google to find the perfect holiday gifts and services. Because of this, the holiday season is the ultimate time to attract shoppers to your website and to maximise your sales – And all you need to do, is optimise your SEO accordingly, or call in the experts to assist you!

A few little tweaks is all you need to push yourself ahead of your competition this Christmas, and here’s four to get you started:

Get Specific with Seasonal Keywords – If you have been marketing your website using SEO you no doubt already have a list of keywords that drive traffic to your site year-round, however now is is time to incorporate some seasonal keywords.  When shopping for Christmas presents online consumers use holiday specific search terms to find them, and with people already starting to do their Christmas shopping, if you want your website to be found for these terms, you need to incorporate them into your SEO strategy right away.

Produce Holiday-Themed Blogs – Consumers always turn to Google to search for Christmas ideas when unsure what to buy, and in line with this you need to ensure that you show up for their queries. The best way to achieve this is to create holiday-themed blog posts on your website’s blog. Start brainstorming holiday blog post ideas soon and create a holiday content calendar to follow, ensuring that your posts are related to your business and your customers. 

Optimise Your Landing Pages – To bring in crowds of traffic to your website throughout the holiday season you need to revamp your existing landing pages, using some of the holiday-based keywords that you have chosen and incorporating them into your landing pages. Include many internal links to your holiday-themed content and product pages and change your page title and meta descriptions to suit the Christmas period.

Ask for Help – If you are in doubt about how to best optimise your SEO strategy for Christmas or simply do not have the time or knowledge to take care of this yourself, here at RS Digital we are here to help, offering bespoke Christmas SEO packages to all. For more information, and to get your questions answered, do not hesitate to get in touch today!

Gareth Owen