WordPress Now Features An Official Twitter Plugin

04 Mar

WordPress is widely used for websites across the internet, from small time bloggers to large scale companies. Even our own RS Digital blog is powered by WordPress! And new plugins allow for more integration with other key services, and Twitter have finally released their official plugin, allowing for a bridge between blogging and tweeting.

Plugin with Twitter

The new Twitter plugin is the first official Twitter plugin released for WordPress, and provides a number of features to allow for Twitter functionality on any WordPress site without having to deal with unofficial plugins and roundabout methods.

Twitter Cards for pages is one of the key features available with the new plugin, and a tweet button is added to posts for admins to utilise, providing an instant bridge between the two sites. Twitter Analytics are also enabled, along with embedded videos, making for an incredibly useful plugin for those who want to make the most out of social media when it comes to promoting and integrating their WordPress site.

The Twitter functionality needn’t look out of place either, as options are available for admin where to buy effexor online users to change the Twitter designs to match the appearance of their own site. It takes a lot of time to create the right theme which provides a striking appearance, and the new Twitter plugin won’t get in the way of that. There are even ways to further enhance the Twitter/website experience, with features available to help users get to grips with Twitter advertising.

Tweeting with RS Digital

Twitter is an incredibly useful service for reaching a larger audience, and with the new plugin, it’s importance only becomes more prevalent. At RS Digital we offer a great range of search engine optimisation (SEO) packages, and web design and social media are two of the areas we cover. We can help create a bridge between the two, providing a high quality website with Twitter integration, and a Twitter account which directly engages with your desired audience.

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