RS Digital Client Overview: UK Carline Limited.

27 Oct

There is never a dull day in the offices of RS Digital when it comes to working with our clients. We’ve worked with clients involved with coffee, cars, air guns, kefir, and fabrics to name but a few. It makes for great night out discussion when you can relay the current news in the world of coffee, for sure. But while we’ve been typing away since 2006, we now want to shout about our clients. And so, we’re proud to say we work with UK Carline, a car leasing company situated in Preston. If you need a new car, it would certainly be worth your while giving these guys a call.

ukcarline page

UK Carline have been dealing in the leasing business since the dawn of the new millennium (2001), supplying over 25000 leasing deals to businesses and personal customers during this time. When all the experienced staff bang heads, it results in over 100 years of combined experience.  Each member is the equivalent of an Apple Store Genius, their pure know how seeping through every pore of their body.

Being independent, UK Carline hold no bias, and can provide the deal which suits a customer’s needs, taking into account individual, personal or financial needs.  This involves sourcing the right vehicle, with the right finance package, with other options available for insurance and maintenance. From Abarth to Volvo, they’ve got you covered.

UK Carline also embrace the world of cars outside their business needs. Recently they partnered up with Citroën to host a parkour event, with the radical Street Monkeys UK group back flipping and hanging from shiny steel auto mobiles. When an event happens, or a major deal takes place, our Social Media team love to spread the word of a company who are more than just an impersonal robot, pumping out their wares with no passion or drive.

RS Digital have aided UK Carline with their online campaign, building their website, creating organically written content and providing their social pages with news and information.  Helping UK Carline rise up the Google ranks has been and continues to be a pleasure, and you can check out their website and social pages yourself via the links below:

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