The “2013’s most dangerous celebrity to search for award” goes to the one and only Lily Collins.

18 Sep

English model and actress Lily Collins has taken the title as 2013’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

The security technology company, McAfee has released it seventh annual most dangerous celebrities survey using site ratings to discover what percentage of risky websites come up for various popular celebrities searches. (The link can be found below.)

This year searches and downloads in relation to images of Lily Collins came with a massive 14.5% chance of leading to a website that tested positive for viruses, spyware, adware, phishing attempts and a range of other malicious malware.

Some of the exact searches that led to online threats included “Lily Collins and fakes”, “Lily Collins and free downloads” and “Lily Collins and nude pictures”.  Many of the threatening sites in which web searches got directed to resulted in personal information being stolen, including various password and email addresses.  Opting to download a number of the pictures and videos heightened the risk even further, leading to people accidently and unknowingly downloading extreme viruses.

Within the top ten list of dangerous celebrities to search for this year there was only one male, Jon Hamm. Although Justin Timberlake and Patrick Dempsey followed close behind in positions twelve and thirteen. Emma Watson who was last years most dangerous celebrity to search for somehow managed to escape and wasn’t even in this years top 50!

Gareth Owen