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17 Sep

The importance of high-quality content has never been higher.  Google has for a long time been pushing webmasters to improve site content before they face the harsh penalty of being pushed to the lower search engine rankings. Google’s “site quality algorithms” have been designed and put in place to lower the rankings of sites in which do not have high-end content. The recent Panda update tackles the task of algorithmically assessing the quality of websites based on the content in which they have in place. This means that sites with high-quality content will be likely to gain rankings on the first pages of Google, enabling search engine users to find good quality sites easily and therefore enhancing the user experience.

If you are currently ranking lower than you previously have before it would be in your best interest to take a look at the quality of content on your site.

But what does Google look for when deciding what content is “high-quality”?

You should see if you could use something more original, enjoyable, interesting or engaging that’s pleasant to read, this will more than likely push your rankings higer. You also need to ensure that absolutely none of your content is duplicated anywhere else on the web. When content is written and put in place correctly it can be a great assistance in helping companies move up in rankings.

Some of the things in which Google look out for when deciding how to rank pages are images, videos, good grammar, correct spelling, proper text formatting and of course, links (both inbound and outbound). It may sound obvious, but it is also crucial that content is relevant to the people whom are going to be reading it; This allows search engines to easily see a consistent, rolling theme within a sites content when they come to crawl it. Relevant where can i buy effexor xr content is seen as highly important to Google as it shows that visitors looking for any specific information on a website will be more likely to find it.

Blog content and how it can help.

The term “content” is incredibly vague, it can be applied to almost any test that appears on the web but there are certain types on content that fit into Google’s criteria for “high quality” aiding increase in rankings. One of the most obvious and some would say simplest styles are blog posts.

A high number of businesses now have their own blogs, and if they don’t they should definitely consider getting one now. Blogs allow companies to continuously post content that is related to their industry, this not only allows customers/clients to keep up-to-date with their products and/or sevices but also satisfies Google.

In addition to this blog posts are also great as they can provide companies with content in which they can push on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Plus when sharing these posts on social networks they act as inbound links.

SEO Friendly Content Management System

With the quality of content being so important it could be in your best interest to leave it to the professionals.

With many years experience within this industry RS Digital could be an ideal company for you if you are looking for persistent, quality content. We tailor our services to meet the needs and requirements of all our individual clients. When choosing us you will always have the final say, whether you have a small or large company we guarantee that we will be able to put together a package that suits you.

The content management system in which we use is incredibly powerful and constructive. For more information about what our packages include contact us straight away on +44 (0) 1282 862 168.


Gareth Owen